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ashes to ashes icons

for all your a2a icon-related needs

Ashes to Ashes Icons
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Hello! You have reached a2a_icons, a community for icons of the BBC series Ashes to Ashes. Need an icon of Alex's fantastic perm? The Gene Genie knocking in some eighties heads? That creepy, creepy clown? You are in the right place.

All graphics are encouraged here, not only icons. So if you have wallpapers, friends only banners, headers or what have you, by all means post away.


1. All posts should include a minimum of three icons.

2. Please post no more than three icons as teasers. Use the LJ Cut, it is your friend. All large images (friends only banners, wallpapers etc) must go under a cut. This is not an option.

3. Please post ONLY icons relating to Ashes to Ashes. And that means no Life on Mars icons. If you are after somewhere to post icons of the 1973 crew, check out lifeonicons.

4. Posts should always be on topic. No episode discussion, please, that belongs at a2ashes.

5. Do not make posts to the community requesting icons.

6. Do NOT link to friends only entries or locked communities.

7. On spoilers: please ensure you properly warn people and place any spoilerific icons under a cut. Unsure as to whether it's spoilery? Cut it anyway.

8. Please do not disable comments.

Any posts in violation of these rules will be deleted, no questions asked.

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